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Whether you want to host events, lectures, and workshops or want to work at Experiment, there's a place for you here!

To get started, choose Employee, Artist & Maker, or the Hosting application and make something amazing happen!

Interested in Working Together?

Old fashioned technical illustration of hand reaching upward with rays bursting out of it on the edge cut off at wrist. Imagery to describe "working" at experiment PDX Portland

Apply to Work
at Experiment

With our grand opening approaching, we have tons of spots to fill! If you're curious about working at Experiment, take a look through our current positions and apply!

Artist Exhibition &
Maker Consignment

Experiment is on the hunt for local artists, creatives, and makers! There are many opportunities for in-house installations, exhibits, as well as art and craft consignment in our shop! Apply to art with us now!

Old fashioned technically illustrated lightbulb with glow and rays outside of it. Used as an image descriptot for "Apply to host" at experiment PDX Portland

Apply to Host
at Experiment

Experiment is always looking for local creators, scientists, artists, and workshop leaders for events! If you're in displaying your art, hosting your own event. or getting involved in our current events apply now! 

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