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Astrolabe drawing

Hands-On Museum
of Science & Art

“The laws of nature are the skeleton of the universe...Taken as a whole, they embody a vision of our world that is both breathtaking and awe-inspiring.”

— James Trefil, American Physicist and Proponent of Science Literacy

Admission is $10 per person and provides access to the hands-on museum and craft lab. 

Come on in and be awed!

Hands-On Science

The world around us is awesome, in the true sense of the word, but the busy-ness of our lives mostly deprives us of time to realize and experience it. 


Our interactive science museum gives kids, families and adults the opportunity for ‘playful learning,’ a way to have fun while being reminded of just how amazing the world is. 


From the physics of our marble runs, electrical circuits and lego robotics to the biology of mantises and microscopic organisms, the museum is an accessible science playground where you can escape screens and schedules for an afternoon of ‘awe.’

A tactile table with tactile objects to explore.
A table with people making Halloween headbands

Craft Lab

The scientific process of observing and testing is one type of creativity; art – the act of creating something new, usually with the intention of stirring emotion – is another.


Art requires us to imagine and visualize possibilities, and in that way stimulates the same sort of thinking needed in science.  Both add tremendously to our world. 


And so, we also have an open crafting station, where you can drop in, use our supplies, get some inspiration – and spend a fun afternoon creating, either by yourself or as a family.

We usually have a ‘featured craft,’ or you can do your own thing…wherever your imagination takes you.

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