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Welcome to Portland's Museum and bar of experiences. Located right off of Stark St. in South East Portland at The Luxury Bread Building, Experiment PDX is a space for arts, science, curiosity, and creation. Experiment is by Portland for Portland and features classes, courses, workshops, and lectures by local artists, intellectuals, and culturalists.We host programs and events for all ages, not excluding adult events. Trivia nights, gallery shows & exhibitions, tastings, and nerdery of all manner is encouraged at Experiment because grown-ups like fun things too, right? 

Recycled Paper
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Experiment is the brain, heart, and soul child of Mad Scientist-turned-Entreprenerd, Molly Radany, who has called Portland home since 2007.


A syntactical lover of semicolons and Oxford commas, Molly is a lifelong maker-artist, educator, and former research biologist, Molly’s passion is cultivating curiosity, creativity, and community (alliteration definitely un-intentional). Molly also co-founded the PDX Insectarium.

Who We Are / What We Do

"Nature’s imagination is so much greater than man’s, it’s never going to let us relax." -Richard Dawkins

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