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Who We Are / What We Do

Welcome to Portland's Hands-On Museum and Event Space, for the curious and creative of all ages! Located right off of Stark St. in South East Portland at The Luxury Bread Building, Experiment PDX is a space for arts, science, curiosity, and creation.


Experiment is by Portland for Portland, featuring all manner of nerdery. In addition to a hands-on museum of science and art - where kids, families and adults can play - we have classes, workshops and lectures by local artists, intellectuals, and culturalists.  At 21+ events, drinks are available for purchase...because grown-ups like fun things too, right? We also host children's birthday parties, with science and/or art themes, and have event space for rent.

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Experiment is the brain, heart, and soul child of Mad Scientist-turned-Entreprenerd, Molly Radany, who has called Portland home since 2007.


A syntactical lover of semicolons and Oxford commas, Molly is a lifelong maker-artist, educator, and former research biologist, Molly’s passion is cultivating curiosity, creativity, and community (alliteration definitely intentional). 

"Nature’s imagination is so much greater than man’s, it’s never going to let us relax." -Richard Dawkins

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